Founded in 2012 by Arne Alsin (click here for Arne's bio at Forbes), Worm Capital is built around three simple ideas.

1. We do original, in-depth research

Our team is committed to doing original research, from the ground up, using source documents and our own internally developed methodologies. We believe in starting analytical work from scratch, asking foundational questions, seeing each project as a thousand-piece puzzle. Our motto reflects what is a common problem in our industry: “We don’t do shortcuts.”

2. We have our own playbook, our own valuation theory

In a rapidly evolving, “up for grabs” business environment, how do you pick stocks? How do you identify winning business models? Contrary to the backward looking, or historical emphasis that predominates in our industry, we’ve developed a forward-looking playbook, with our own set of valuation tools and theory.

3. Disruption is beautiful

We fully embrace and invest in disrupted industry groups. Currently we cover five verticals that average well over $1 trillion in market value – in each case, it’s a wealth pie that’s in the process of being divided up anew. Marked by innovation and new ideas, as well as upheaval and chaos, a disrupted vertical is prime territory for stock picking.