Investment Management

Are you interested in working with us on your portfolio? Are we your type of money manager?

We’re engaged and participating in exciting times: Upheaval within verticals has created an environment without historical precedent.

View it as the stock market’s version of a Cambrian event: Every vertical is up for grabs, or soon will be. Every process, every product, every institution is being re-imagined, and from the ground up.

There’s a lot of wealth to be divided up anew, as old guard, stuck-in-the-past business models yield to companies who lead innovation and change.

Do you want to participate with us during these exciting times?

Here are a few things you need to know about our style, so you can see if it fits with what you’re looking for:

We own innovative businesses

Disruption is fabulously healthy for the economy, and for wealth creation too. What makes it fun to compete and pick stocks in disrupted verticals is that the rules have yet to be written, in most cases. We don’t yet know all of the players, and we can’t define the boundaries with precision.


We cover five massive verticals, and ignore the rest. Rather than try for wide diversification, we seek to know our companies and the verticals in which they compete better than anybody. Depending on what sort of account you choose to set up, it’s our preference to always be hedged, with bets both ways. The same analysis that helps us identify the winners also leads us to interesting bets on the companies left behind.

Owners, empowered

Shareholders have been stepped on by profligate buybacks and executive incentives that don’t align well with long-term shareholders. We believe in empowered and active ownership, always working for better disclosure, clean accounting, and incentives that put executives and shareholders on the same team.

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