Our Market View

At Worm Capital, we believe we're living in a new era of possibilities, opportunities, and casualties. A fully connected world with endless innovation means that competitive advantage is changing and being redefined. 

You have probably already recognized through your daily life what is happening in business.  Because of things like the internet revolution, innovation, and technological advancement, there seems to be opportunity and risk abound with every vertical and way of doing business in the process of being overhauled and/or re-imagined.  Many established incumbents are being challenged by younger, quicker upstarts.

With every vertical seemingly up for grabs, this consequence appears likely to us: a mind-blowing redistribution of wealth in the stock market leading to really big winners and devastating losers, as old guard, stuck-in-the-past business models could yield to those who lead innovation and change.  We view it as the stock market’s version of the Cambrian explosion. 

Given the scale and breadth of disruption we believe is yet to come, we have designed our strategies based on our optimistic, future focused approach.  We see the next five, ten, or eve 20 years as very exciting and believe investors should seek opportunity with earnest.  Investing in this dynamic environment will be challenging, and we're willing and excited to meet this challenge with the goal of building our clients a better position in the future.