Who We Are

Worm Capital, LLC (“Worm Capital”) is a registered investment advisor led by our founder, CIO, and Portfolio Manager Arne Alsin.  We believe the best investments come from the most innovative, future focused businesses with attractive value propositions.

If you like stocks, and if tumult and rapid change don’t frighten you from the market, the current environment might be as good as it gets.  Business is changing at an accelerating rate.  Disruption is spreading: We’ve been chasing it since we started our Equity Growth Strategy in 2012 with a focus in retail, cloud, and television.  Most recently we’ve been banging our drums for an all-electric, fully –automated car industry. 

From here things could get interesting.  Really interesting.  Life expectancy for companies in the S&P 500 is now about fifteen years, down from sixty years following World War II.  It’s all you can ask for if you like action.  We feel our unique investment process and future based approach is well suited to potentially capture attractive returns for years to come.