Worm Capital is an investment management firm with a focus on equity-oriented strategies. Our team is comprised of passionate investors and researchers who are excited about what the future holds.

Our strategies are designed around the concept of technological disruption - and how cutting-edge innovation has the potential to reshape entire industry verticals.

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Experienced Investors for a New Era of Opportunities

Led by our founder Arne Alsin , the firm works with a wide array of investors, from high-net-worth individuals to institutionals, who are looking to capitalize on the next generation of disruptive technologies.

Our goal is simple: To generate long-term, non-correlated absolute returns for our investors by investing in what we believe are the world’s most innovative companies that are reshaping the global economy.



We Think Like Engineers

We believe technological disruption is real, and it’s happening at break-neck speed. Our team conducts extensive, industry-wide research to seek out the most revolutionary businesses in the world.


PROCESS & Strategies

Harness Disruption for Growth

We have designed a unique research and portfolio management process that seeks to capitalize on disruptive cycles. Our custom valuation models help us better understand the current opportunities—and the risks—of disruptive technologies across the verticals we study.