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Arne Alsin is the founder and Portfolio Manager of Worm Capital. With over 25 years of investment management experience, Arne’s primary goal as an equity-oriented portfolio manager is to help his investors build their wealth, grow their assets, and mitigate against unforeseen economic risks.

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Arne began his career in 1985 as an accountant for Peat Marwick, which later merged to become the global accounting firm KPMG. Following his tenure at KPMG, worked as a CPA and financial manager for individual clients until 1993, when he incorporated Alsin Capital Management (ACM). ACM provided personalized portfolio and wealth management services for individual investors until 2016, when he founded Worm Capital to invest in the next generation of innovative, disruptive technology firms.

For Arne, portfolio management is more than a job—it's a 24/7 passion. He is currently a featured investing columnist for Forbes magazine, where he contributes articles about innovation and corporate governance. In 2017, he published an extensive investigative research report titled "Stock Buybacks: What corporations are not telling you," which earned him a profile in DealBreaker magazine. Prior to Forbes, Arne was previously a columnist for the Financial Times, The Street, and Seeking Alpha, where he authored over 300 articles. Over the last 20 years, Arne’s stock market analysis has been featured in several media outlets, from CNBC to Fortune magazine.

After over a decade in Southern California, Arne now lives on Mercer Island, Washington. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his family, his dogs, and piloting his Tesla Model S (and his Model 3) around Lake Washington.


Our Investors

We help our investors navigate the new era of Internet-enabled disruption. We work with:

• High-net-worth Individuals
• Pensions and profit-sharing plans
• Trusts, estates, and charitable organizations
• Pooled investment vehicles