We analyze industries that are experiencing a wave of disruptive forces.


Research is critical to our process


From an engineering perspective, we ask foundational questions: How much opportunity is there in each vertical being disrupted? And most importantly, how well does it meet the customer’s value proposition?

To answer these questions, we commit ourselves to original research, starting from the ground up with source documents. Our future-focused research process is built around three pillars:


1. Make no assumptions

Disrupted verticals require investors to build forward-looking valuation models. This is our focus.


2. Data is essential

We comb vast amounts of data to develop investment strategies to build long-term wealth.


3. Take no shortcuts

Before deploying capital, we typically spend months, if not years, investigating the business models and technlogies of our portfolio companies.


Our Strategies

Worm Capital currently offers a Long/Short Equity and a Long-Only Equity strategy in private fund format for investors who meet certain net worth and/or income qualifications.  Please download our fund presentation or contact us directly for more information.


Our objective is to build wealth for investors through long-term capital appreciation.

Please click below for our most recent fund presentation. If you’d like more information about the fund and our strategy, please contact us.